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The goal is simple: Help you find the home of your dreams. A home to us means a comfortable, inviting, safe place where memories are made, children grow up, new beginnings happen, and couples grow old together.With our new construction homes the message remains the same, we will provide a quality product and do our very best to meet each and every desire you may have for your new home.We walk you through the design process and give you one on one attention to help you achieve your design dreams.

We strive to be different because we are. We want our homeowners to feel like they are getting a complete and beautiful home for the price we offer it at. We also stay with you after you purchase your home; your one year home warranty is with us, so we make it simple, easy and stress free. We would love to work with you in any capacity.

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KITE stands for The Kingdom Increases Through Excellence. God is the solid foundational rock of this company and personally who I feel we represent. In everything we do and say let the glory be given to Him who shall be glorified. My beliefs in God guide each decision made on a daily basis. Compassion, patience, generosity, joy and kindness are just a few of the attributes that I want KITE to portray. To me this is not about money, it’s about people, relationships and blessing others. Sometimes in this business selfishness, greed and money can take over and we are all left with empty unhappy hearts.Each day our business gives us the opportunity to touch someone’s life or bless it and my goal is to always be balanced and centered enough to listen and know when God wants us to act on his behalf. When interacting with KITE and the team members my hope is that you notice something different, that you get treated with kindness, patience, fairness and generosity and that each and every buyer or seller knows that they are in good hands.
-Stefanie Marshall | President

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Stefanie Marshall
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